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  • Thread: 1/2"
  • Diameter: 80 mm
  • Height: 40 mm
  • Air flow capacity: 80 l/min ~ 100 l/min

Product List

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Designed for matching with the ready made local 4/8 faucet, easy to install.
Tough and durable construction.
Higher oxygen dissolution rate and corrosion resistance
Prevent backflow without clogging.


Superb Corrosion Resistance:The body is made of high-class ABS compound, which exhibits superb temperature resistance and softening temperature point that cannot be comparable by ordinary ABS plastic material. The valve body is made of high-class synthetic resin, which exhibits weathering, oil and corrosion resistance as well as lower aging and deforming features. The lifespan is about 3 times over the ordinary rubber or PVC products.
Full-close against backflow:The water pressure and valve is designed in special construction. When the air diffusing action stops, such special construction can stop the backflow of dirty water.
Less Pressure Loss:With the expandable feature of the valve body, the air inject outlet can be adjusted along with the increase and decrease of ventilation volume, leading to less pressure loss and fewer abnormal changes.



Unique Design: Special water-stop film design to prevent water from flowing into the air duct under any circumstances.
Superb Function: Low air consumption (100L/min/pc), low pressure drop value and higher oxygen dissolution effciency.
Streamline Configuration: Round arc configuration can present very smooth water resistance and optimal uniformed air diffusing. It can effectively disturb the ambient fluid to achieve the desired mixing and oxygen conveying effect.
Easy Installation and Durable: Easier installation and acid/alkali resistant, offering a longer service life.




Film-type Diffuser. Simple in construction, tough and durable.
When squeezing the air, the sophisticated I-shape hole on the film will generate well-uniformed 1~3mm air bubbles to achieve high-efficient oxygen conveying. Once stopping the air pressure, the double-blocking design will force the flexible film to shrink to enclose the I-shape hole and pipe hole to prevent water from entering the Diffuser and the pipeline system.
Periodic maintenance is not required for the Diffuser. When the Diffuser swells, the attached sediments will be expelled to achieve the self-cleaning function and it is suitable for SBR device and automatic DO control.





Adopted the EPDM to melt. It can restrain the ageung effectively of the membrane, and protract the using life.
Buoyancy elimination with hollow design.
Air inlet with modled infection of PVC or ABS.
Supporting frame with PVC or ABS.
Identity clamp with membrane by stainless steel #304 or #316.
Membrane hole with Λ-shapped or I-shapped slit.