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Rietschle Thomas

Rietschle Thomas catagories

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Dynamic compression by effect. Single stage and multi stage models produce vacuum up to -115 mbar or pressure up to +125 mbar. Capacities rande from 130 to 3400 m3/hr.

Radial blowers are air cooled and non-contact operation means there is no wear, making the design virtually maintenance-free


Dynamic compression by transforming flow energy into pressure energy. Vacuum up to -800 mbar in suction operation and overpressure up to +1 bar in pressure mode can be obtained. the capacities range from 16 to 1850 m3/hr. Free of wear andmaintanence by non-contact operation. The pumped medium is not contaminated.


Static compression by volume reduction. Oil lubricated or dry runnong - vacuum up to 0.1 mbar(abs)  with capacities ranging from 3 to 1535 m3/hr. and pressures up to 2.0 bar with capacities ranging from

3 to 420 m3/hr. can be reached. When used as a combined unit, -0.6 bar vacuum and +0.7 bar pressure can be archieved simultaneously 


Static compression (mo "internal" volume reduction).

Three-lobed SHARK : vacuum to 0.5bar (abs) and over pressure up to 1 bar  at capacities of 18 to 8460 m3/hr.

Three-stage INOVAC : vacuum to 0.5 mbar (abs)

Single stage VWP/WKP are designed for use in pump sets in combination with a booster pump. Vacuum to 0.01 mbar (abs) and capacities of 500 to 4000 m3/hr. 


Static compression by "internal" volume reduction. The ZEPHYR can achieve vacuum up to 150 mbar (abs) and capacities between 100 and 600 m3/hr. as well as pressure up to 2.2 bar(g) at flow rates between 100 and 600 m3/hr. In combined operation simultaneous vacuum up to -0.6 bar and pressure up to +1.0 bar can be obtained.


Static compression by "internal" volume reduction. The TWISTER is suitable for numerous applications, in many different industries. Depending on size, vacuum up to 0.05 mbar(abs) and capacities between 80 and 2100 m3/hr. can be achieved


Dry running Wob'L psiton pump. Best performance characteristics for high pressures. Mainly used as a compressor. 

Volume flow : 180 lpm (Max)

Max. pressure : 30 bar (g)


Dry running piston pump.

Wellsuited for applications repuiring high pressures. Mainly used as a compressor. 

Volume flow : 370 lpm (max)

Max. pressure : 10 bar (g)


Applied operating principles : diaphragm (motor or linear drive), peristaltic (direct or gear drive), rotary vane or Gerotor.

Free flow : 5lpm (max)

Suction height : 8 H2O (max)

Pressure height : 100 H2O (max)


Dry running and self - lubricating rotary vane pump. Low vibration, nearly pulsation free, compact and in some cases reversible. Mainly used as a vacuum pump.

Vloume flow : 595 lpm (max)

Max. pressure : 1.6bar (g)

Typical end vacuum : 150 mbar (abs)


Dry running diaphragm pump.

Characterised by a high efficiency, low noise level and good tightness. Adapts well to different gases. Used equally as a compressor and vacuum pump

Volume flow : 90 lpm (max)

Max. pressure : 2.8 bar (g)

End vacuum : <1 mbar


Dry running diaphragm pump.

Two different means of actuation : linear and vibrating armature. Very high life time, low noise level and high efficiency. Used as a vacuum and pressure pump.

Volume flow : 300 lpm (max)

Max. pressure : 0.7bar (g)

Vacuum : -50mabr (rel)