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Kodivac catagories

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Low noise levels : This pump operates with low noise and low vibration by using technology.
Built-in anti-backstream device : The GHP-Series are perfectly protected from backstream when operation is suspended, thanks to the built-in anti-backstream device, which cut of any oil flow, where by eliminating the need for pump leak valve.
Easy disassembling and reassembling : All the parts and components of systems have interchangeable compatibility. Securing of the location-setting parallel pins and connecting of stators are treated with O-Ring seal, making it possible to disassemble and reassemble with ease.
Equipped with gas ballast valve : The series are equipped with gas ballast valve, which effectively eliminates oil vapors and condensed gases.
Prevention of oil leakage : The Series, designed to have a double seal structure with an oil berth installed in the intermediate position, minimize sterss difference between both sides of the oil seal, preventing for no oil leaks from the oil seal.
Anti-dust producing : Driven by direct connection, the series do not produce any dusts as it may, belt abrasion when driven by belt, contributing to maintaining clean environment.
Driven by direct connection : The Series are small and light, compared to other systems.