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High Pressure Adsorption Dryer for Italian Military Navy

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Capacity is referred to f.a.d of the rated compressor flow (+20 °C and 1 bar) and to the following specifications
- pressure dew point + 3 °C - working pressure 7 bar
- maximum allowable pressure 16 bar - inlet compressed air temperature + 35 °C
- ambient temperature +25 °C - maximum inlet compressed air temperature + 49 °C
- refrigerant: R134a from mod. ERD 3 to ERD 15; R407c from mod. ERD 22 to ERD 90
- Power supply is 230 V / 1 / 50 Hz; Models from ERD 3 to ERD 10 can also work with 60 Hz frequency.
- The dryers are guaranteed up to 24 months if they are bought with the inlet/outlet filters kit (in order to protect the heat exchanger surfaces) and
if the elements are replaced according to the instructions.



ETHAFILTER has increased it’s range of compressed air dryers for high capacities with the introduction of the new ERD-HC range. This high efficiently cooling module has a direct effect on reducing energy consumption and pressure drop.

The main advantages are

 Low pressure drop even with load variances

 Constant pressure DewPoint with differing load conditions.

The components of the ERD-HC range from refrigerant to materials of construction have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and their ability to be recycled.


The result is very dry compressed air, with rarefied residual moisture content, according to three pre-established dew point classes

  • class –20°C (P version) 0.11 g H2O/m3 150ppmv
  • class –40°C (S version) 0.015 g H2O/m3 18ppmv
  • class –70°C (D version) 0.003 g H2O/m3 < 3ppmv (upon request)

ETHAFILTER offers three types of adsorption dryers divided into groups based on the compressed air capacity

  • TWIN-CONdryer for a capacity ranging from 3 Nm3/h a 110 Nm3/h
  • EVOdry for a capacity ranging from 150 Nm3/h a 480 Nm3/h
  • ZEOdry for a capacity ranging from 600 Nm3/h a 4.500 Nm3/h

All product groups share the same feature, high-quality manufacturing, guaranteeing customers reliability which is translated into low maintenance costs and system longevity


Our OILESS systems represent the best adsorption and filtering synthesis in a sole unit which guarantees the User compressed air completely free of particles, moisture, oil and oil vapours as well as odours produced by volatile organic substances. The resulting purity satisfies the ISO 8573.1 standard class 1, with a residual moisture ≤ ½ %, oil and oil vapours < 0.003 mg/m3 , solid particles < 0,1 µm.

The OILESS range is ideal for applications which require compressed air with a high grade of purity, by still using lubricated compressors upstream which are simpler and economic compared to “oil free” compressors in terms of capital investment, energy consumption and maintenance costs

In case it is necessary to have compressed air purified to the sterile grade, our OILESS range can be transformed into STERI thanks to an additional final aseptic filtering stage. These specific units trap all pollutants which are drawn from the ambient air. Their growth becomes favoured by humidity and temperature content consequent to the compression, thus concentrating germs, viruses and bacteria that can affect the quality and genuineness of products.


The use of compressed air in medical applications is governed by the “European Pharmacopoeia” which groups guidelines that are to be respected to ensure maximum hygiene and safety of patients and operators involved in treatments, therapy, diagnosis, preventive treatment and when using surgical instruments fed by compressed air.

Our MED systems have been designed to reduce not just the impurities contained in compressed air, but toxic and poisonous substances such as CO, CO2, NO and NOx. The result a convenient and practical system compared to air bottles “reconstituted” by mixing cryogenic gases


Our range RESP has similar features to the med line and is designed for purifying and supplying compressed air for breathable applications. These systems are used in applications which require breathable air as for instance paint shops, decompression chambers, when inspecting tanks and when building tunnels. Our RESP systems respect the International Breathing Air Standards (standard ISO EN 12021)


These dryers with heat activated regeneration (external supply) desorb by using heat for removing the humidity content, thus causing its removal by evaporating what has been deposited on the desiccant layers during the previous phase of adsorption.

As the required heat is supplied externally it is possible to easily access the conveying and heating system. This type of dryer is the ideal solution when energy costs and quality compressed air have to be reconciled above all for centralised large capacity or low pressure applications which are not very convenient with conventional “heatless” dryers.

The ES range is the result of meticulous engineering which thanks to the use of superior quality components as the heating core and diffusers in stainless steel and various monitoring instruments guarantee high performance and exceptional reliability.

These systems are highly flexible and can be adapted to satisfy specific application requirements.



This range of systems has been developed for applications which require the total elimination of oil vapours contained in gas and in compressed air. Thanks to the use of these absorbing towers which are filled with granular activated carbon, high-quality product performance is achieved, with a residue of < 0,003 mg/m3 (@ 20 °C) of oil and volatile hydrocarbons.

All the CAS towers are fitted with a coalescing sub-microfilter (SMA grade) on the inlet to protect the active carbon from residual oil aerosols, as well as a dust filter on the outlet (RD1 grade) to eliminate any traces of dust particles. This guarantees that the activated carbon lasts up to 8000 hours *.

*Guaranteed for inlet compressed air with class 2 dew point (-40°C)